August 2004


August 15, 2004

… annoys me!

More and more often I see items that are marketed as of Swiss origin, marked with the Red Cross symbol, or recently, in a movie, a first aid kit marked with the Swiss Flag.

In that movie, people were running for their lives in a submarine which was about to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Two sailors conduct an intense conversation in a narrow passage, in front of the first aid kit, which was painted red with a white cross. It wasn’t a Swiss submarine, they don’t have any, it was an American one. Sheesh, didn’t they have better research in that movie budget?

I buy a certain kind of smoked sausage, it’s black, hard, tastes like a fine salami. The products is sold as a Swiss sausage… and is marked with the red cross symbol.

Not everyone knows that the Swiss flag is a white cross on a red background. But I think you would have to be an alien from outer space or a small child not to know the symbol of the ‘Red Cross’. Just in case you are such an alien… surprise, it is a red cross.

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My body is back…

August 9, 2004

… my head and heart aren’t.

It’s been a while. I’m drifting really. Am back at work but find it very hard to focus. It was probably a good thing that I had to rebuild my work machine because the //localhost/ didn’t work. While I was away a new webserver was installed, as well as a new firewall… Oh hell, installed they are, but working as they should they ain’t, I have to use my computer as a test server for a while. Anyway, it took a week to indentify and try to fix the resulting problems. In the end I capitulated and started to rebuild.

I can just see my friends’ eyes glaze over, so I’ll stop with the techie talk. I’ll probably get another blog going with a focus on that subject.

The reason why I haven’t posted accounts of my vacation was that I focussed completely on my family and my brother. It is even now difficult to talk about my trip, because I am holding the visit, the good and sad times we had together, so close, I don’t want to share it yet. It’s like “if I talk about it the distance gets bigger… and that I probably saw my brother for the last time becomes real and final”.

For now I’ll say that the visit was was a great gift. I have a ton of pictures and short videos, backed up several times on CDs. I came away with an enormous pride in my big brother who is fighting his illness so bravely. I am so very greatful that I had these two visits with him… that I had the chance to get to know him better. Better late than never. I love you bro (as if he would understand English… :-))

My home town, Binningen, at sunset and the Town Hall of Basel. Am just now selecting a few pictures for printing. Here is another revelation: Regardless of how you take the pictures, conventionally or digitally, they still have to be organized and processed… Oh, well!

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