February 2005

It’s great to dream but…

February 7, 2005

…measuring gets you further.

Across the car port, accessible with a separate entrance is a studio room. When I moved in 11 years ago we had it dry-walled and two storage areas were added, one of which was intended to become a bathroom when we had city services. Getting those services is loosely chronicled here, it was quite a long journey! We now have it, water and sewer, which makes it possible to add that bathroom, finally… The studio room would make an excellet guest room for my friends and family to stay in for extended periods.

So, I am going to apply for a permit to get this done. For that I need a plan, a drawing with measurements to show where the bathroom will be. I measured, again… once more. 3 x 7′ tiny! Why does everything always look bigger when it’s empty?

While googling I found American Standard US. This site has a great planning tool, a step by step planner for all that is involved in a renovation, including a drawing tool with which you can draw bathrooms to scale. In my space there is room for a standard toilet and a pedestal sink. A shower? No way. Moving walls would make this project too expensive.

You do learn something while cruising! I did a lot of that in earlier years… and want to do again, by the way, it’s such a great way to travel… but I digress. I’ll now be looking for ship fitters. It seems to me that on some of the ships I was on had smaller bathrooms with a shower than the space I am working with.

Open Visio, start working on a custom bathroom…

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