March 2006

Fasnacht starts…

March 5, 2006

Basler Fasnacht Online Photo Galleries…tomorrow!

Actually, it starts at 4:00h (4am) on Monday, March 6). But here at Pacific Standard Time, it starts at 19:00h (7pm) tomorrow. I’ll be watching. The whole world speaks about Carneval in Rio, or Carneval in New Orleans. Basler Fasnacht tops them all IMHO! It’s a feast for the eyes, check it out. Basler Fasnacht Online

Are you a Heimwehbasler? From where are you watching Fasnacht this year? Leave me a comment.

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March 4, 2006

… that’s it for a while!

Am working on CSS files all day and can’t leave it alone at home. So, a little bit of tweaking and making it my own, and then I’ll leave this one alone for a while…

Gotta get going with my studio rental website. It’s March and I want guests in there for Summer. This will be such a deal for people who want to spend a quiet, relaxing vacation in a comfortable room, right at the beach, private property, separate entrance, all the conveniences included. So, in a few days there should be something to show at the above site!

Haven’t been able to contribute to either and wanted to get a bit of a portfolio going there.

Now I know that moving and re-arranging 5 domains is a pain. However, it’s worth it if you have friends like Jim, who let me piggyback on his server.

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