May 2007

… it’s not at the dump!

In an earlier post I was musing about three old electronic appliances I had, tiny TV/Radio with battery pack, heat writing FAX/phone/answering machine, Toshiba CT300, notebook computer with docking station… I just can’t throw them out!

I kept the fax, a friend who visited here recently needed to send a fax (not email), a form with signature, overseas. So, I unpacked the fax machine, plugged it in, turned it on, sent the fax, disconnected and voila, task accomplished.

The Toshiba notebook went to a 12 year old kid. His parents don’t want him on the internet, he wants to play games… I left Office 97 on the machine, cleaned it all off, and the kid is in heaven!

The tiny TV is still here. I’ll keep it a little longer. Perhaps I’ll find a place where a good radio and occasional black/white TV program breaks up the day, such as at that busy farm stand that provides field-fresh goodies all summer long.

Time to clean the BBQ!

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