June 2007

A day on my deck…

June 3, 2007

… restoreth my soul!

Today my first guests of the year arrived. Again, very nice people from Vancouver, building a house here, will be retiring here. They’ll stay for 8 nights. Today is also the day when I took the garden furniture out of the storage and then plunked myself into my new Ariondack chair to read.

The sun is out, it’s not too warm… Whenever I allow myself to just sit and look at the beach and all activities on it–the people, dogs, birds, kids and the tides slowly moving–and slow my thoughts down with a good book, I can feel the tension drain from my soul. Why don’t I do this more often?

I need this! I’ve been so focused on surviving a toxic work environment, without sinking into a place where I would have to quit for my sanity’s sake, that now there has been a resolution, the fight is gone and is leaving a but of a void. Today however… today is the start of the rest of my work life… my soul is on the mend and life is good!

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