July 2007

New car?

July 8, 2007

… or no new car?

So, I looked at some cars. Tried to. Went on a Sunday, but Sunday’s are now closed. Went on the Monday, long weekend, also closed. Those car dealerships must really do well, they are closed when people actually have time to come and look at cars. But I could look at the Kia Sportage from the outside and that was enough to tell me that it’s too dinky for me. One down, the Jeep to go.

I’ve got a Toyota 4Runner, 12 years old.

Then I went to the local Jeep dealer. Am really, really interested in the Jeep Wrangler. They are having a great sale on… Employee pricing… Oh, goodie! Except they don’t include the Jeep Wrangler 2 or 4 door, they don’t have any in stock, or will get any until next year.

Then I saw a guy in Thrifties’ parking lot who had a great, shiny, blue TJ for sale. Big sign in the window. Car’s a dream. Owner is a Mechanic… the car is in great shape, 2002, all the gadgets, both tops, soft and hard, seat covers, great fenders, caged lights… on and on. I was so tempted, sooooo tempted. But practicality won. I didn’t follow up with it.

R., is taking my car of Friday and will be treating the rusting bumpers, stop the rust, grind the bumpers, paint them black. I’ll keep my car for another couple of years. After all it’s exactly what I am looking for, it’s high, has great road clearance, it’s reliable, 4×4, gets through any height of snow, even snow banks… a good thing, because I don’t clear my driveway, ever!

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