December 2007

After The Snow…

December 4, 2007

… a rainbow!

Kye Bay Rainbow

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The Snow Is Up To Here…

December 3, 2007

… No worries, I’ve got a Subaru!

It’s been snowing for two days solid. Started early December 1 and hasn’t stopped. I measured it, 32 cm here at sea level, it must be 50 cm by the College, or more.

So, I started fretting. I am not about to shovel snow, it’s not my style at all, but, I don’t want to be stuck either.

What to do? If I get stuck in the driveway, I won’t have a long walk to the house. If the car makes it to the plowed road, then I won’t be stuck. Try the Subaru in these conditions, if it makes it out, I’ve got the right car.

So, boots on, jacket on, mittens on, keys, go. The bottom of the car dragged on the snow, but no problem getting out, even through the snow bank the plow made… SUBARU Forester, I LOVE YOU!

Hey, I am still hoping for a snow day off tomorrow…

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