February 2009

Don’t leave for the USA…

February 5, 2009

… without your passport!

This is a neighbourhood story and one about that type of service we thought we’d lost.

Marilyn had the brilliant idea that one can scan the passport, save it on the USB stick as a password protected file, in case you loose your passport. Did that–good idea–and I left my passport in the scanner…

Yet, I was so organized, all the papers together, was ready for pickup, arrived in Vancouver, had breakfast, talked to some friends on the prepaid cell phone I rarely use, and decided to check in about 2 hrs 15 miniutes before departure for my flight to Denver, Co. Right away I needed the passport number for the customs form and voila, NO PASSPORT.


How could I be so stupid? So, I creep back to Comox and go to work? Geez, nooooo! The United Agent asked a few questions and had an idea. He checked and found that a CMA flight was about to leave in 30 minutes from Comox and suggested that perhaps they would bring me my passport. What the heck, can’t loose to try. Time’s tight, very tight.

I called neighbours, Marilyn, then Bob, no luck, then Sylvia. She’s home. She got my passport out of the scanner while I walked to CMA to ask if they would bring the passport if it were delivered to the airport. Yes they would. Sylvia rushed to the airport, gave them the passport, I waited 45 minutes and had it in my hands. From the time I walked away from the United counter to the time I got back there 1 hour 10 minutes has passed!

I made the flight in good time and I am here. Amazing eh? Sylvia, I owe you BIG TIME. And United and CMA, I owe you a letter of thanks! And yes, the cell phone paid for itself several times over.

Great conference too.

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