June 2009

… Yippee!
Just called Yvette of Turtle Gardens to ask when we can expect Fritzi. They are so busy there, I was reluctant to push. Well, Fritzi will be on his way tomorrow, together with a few of his friends, driven to Mission first and then to Nanaimo on Sunday. The trip is 14 hours! Holy cow, that’s a long way to go every time to deliver dogs in and around BC.


They travel at night, so the dogs sleep in the van, and by the time they get to their destination they are seasoned car travellers.

There will be pictures! Lots of them.

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A gathering of eagles…

June 10, 2009

… a drama at the beach! A heron is being attacked.

Eagles attacking a heron

flying eagle flying eagle flying eagle flying eagle

Today I wished I had a better camera and was a better photographer.

This morning three young egles flew across my yard chasing each other. Their wing span filled my window. I couldn’t believe it, they were so close.

Then I looked to the water and noticed a huge gathering of a few mature and many young eagles on a sand bank. Every once in a while some young eagles seemed to pick on each other and, “swoop”, in comes mom or dad from a tree on the beach.

At least that’s what I thought they were doing, squabbling, but when I looked closer at one of the pictures I took, I noticed that the eagles were all ganging up on a young heron. The bird was clearly already injured, collapsed in the sand. There was a lot of flying and screeching going on. I counted 12, another neighbour counted 18 eagles earlier in the morning.

I think these eagles were in predator training, the mature ones stayed back and only once in a while seemed to instruct the youngsters. After an hour most had left, only three small one sat in the sand, exhausted from all that learning. I didn’t see the heron anymore, except a few steps away its family looked on.

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