July 2009

Why is ocean water fun?

July 10, 2009

… and rain is not?

Fritzi: I know it’s a gui-duck shell, but I let her pretend it’s a frisbie.
Wet, sandy, dirty, running Fritzi
When it was raining Fritzi looked like drowned rat… wet, head down, ears droopy, shivering slightly, not amused. But, go on the beach and throw a beach frisbie into the water, there’s no hesitation to get wet.

I am starting to suspect that he only gets that wet, salty and sandy because he wants to be enveloped into a towel and dried off all over. He loves that.

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Beachbum Fritzi…

July 5, 2009

… everything’s new!
Aaaah, the beach. Sand, water, shells, rocks, holes that spit, birds, kites, sun… all of it is fun!
So this is the beach…
So that's a beach!
Oh joy, I can dig and nobody is stopping me!
So that's a beach!
It’s a shell, but it flies like a frisbie…
So that's a beach!
Dry land is that-a-way…
So that's a beach!

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