November 2009

… toy!

dismembered elephant

eviscerated elephant

Poor elephant! Happy Fritzi!

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The advantages of storms…

November 19, 2009

… when walking Fritzi on the beach.

The white-capped waves clean the beach of all slippery, nasty seaweed. There was tons of it last week. They bring in the sand that covers the rocks. The sand is packed down and wet and you walk on it like on a street. If you are facing the right way, the wind is at your back and rolls little bits of shell, leaves, and seaweed down the beach and that’s where it became apparent. Fritzi chases those teasing bits of flying debris, runs and runs, plays, and has a ball. So, with the right gear, such as a Hally Hansen rain slicker and Viking boots you can spend an hour walking the beach, laugh yourself silly at Fritzi’s antics, who, of course, is also equipped with fleece-lined rain gear.

Mind you, today is the third serious windstorm in 10 days. The third power outage, the third deluge that causes flooding in places. A couple of days ago there was a state of emergency declared in Courtenay due to floods.

But Frizi, being a dog, has to go outside again. So, on with the rain gear and out we go.

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