What the heck is this? I heard a sound like the vacuum makes when you use the tool to clean narrow spaces. Or a sound like a air can makes when you blow the dust out of a computer. It came from the kitchen.

Watch on YouTube (iPhone/iPad)

Of course Fritzi doesn’t pose for the camera when he is trying to suck a chewey through the crack. He is too embarrassed. So I had to substitute a facsimile of him and of the sounds he makes. Too much time on my hands? So what if I did… :-D

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Close encounter with a frog…

September 30, 2011

Picture this:

Fritzi on a stump

Fritzi posing as a bump on a stump.


Frog in the grass

Frog, dressed in camouflage


Fritzi and frog

What's that?

OOOOPS, when the wet nose touches the tiny frog, it jumps! Great fun!

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