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Finally Rain, Fog, Cool Air…

August 29, 2004

… bliss!

I am not an outside person. Not in the summer. This year, every time I sat outside (in the shade), drink on the table, book in my lap, wasps drove me back inside. Bugs love me. Anything that flies dive-bombs into my neck or face, spiders rappel into my hair. I have emptied my wasp trap at least 4 times, full of dead wasps, 40 to 50 each time.

Living at a beach doesn’t oblige me to plunk myself onto the sand at low tide and bake in the sun like so many do. Most, who stay in the full sun for hours, don’t have even the smallest beach umbrella to protect their children or dog from the rays and heat.

That looks like fun!I take Spring and Fall over Summer every time, then the beach is at its best, hosting a few brisk walkers and their dogs, thousands of birds, crisp, clear air, and temparatures that invite to work outside.

I love a good reason to stay inside and putter. It was a toss up today of either going down Island to shop or finally preparing one of my computers for sale. I said to myself, if I find the discarded faceplate to cover up the hole in the old computer within 5 minutes, I’ll move the CD-RW drive over to my new computer. Well, I found the faceplate and the drive has been moved.

The old DELL makes a great computer for a student. I’ll advertise it next week.

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