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Those special parking spots…

July 8, 2006

… drive me crazy!

Ok, I’d never park in a handicapped spot. That’s just rude and I appreciated them when I actually needed it and had a permit. There is actually a law governing that one! I imagine that in a few years I might also appreciated ‘seniors parking’, for those who ache and have a hard time moving, and, frankly deserve to be a bit closer to the place they want to be.

Now picture this: It’s Friday evening. A young couple, both very able-bodied with a small girl are getting into their car in the PARENTS parking spot. The father follows me into the store to tell me that I parked in a PARENTS spot and didn’t have a child with me. I told him that I was a parent. He said it was for parents with SMALL children. I asked him if that makes him special? (Oh, eat my shorts…)


I want my own special parking spot, so that I can tell someone who is not as special as me that they should park where everyone else does… waaaaaayyyy down there. My parking spot would be PARKING-FOR-THE-CHILDLESS-ABLE-BODIED-WHO-DOESN’T-WANT-TO-WALK-FAR. I deserve it! 🙂


Anonymous February 4, 2008 at 10:01


I was just doing a bit of research regarding the use of “parents” parking spots and ran across your ignorant comments.

I live in Minnesota and we just went through spell of sub-zero high temps. My library has several “alternative fuel” spots up front that are constantly taken by people like you. I thought that if a couple were changed to parent parking spots that it would be a nice gesture.

I guess that until the city decides to ticket lazy people for using these spots there’s not a lot we can do.

MN Dad

pixeldrummer February 4, 2008 at 14:57

So, having an opinion different from yours, MN Dad, about courtesy parking spots (and writing about it with tongue firmly in cheek), is ignorant. And your comment isn’t?

Strange that you compare “parent” parking with “alternative fuel” spots, that are occupied by lazy people in your parts, especially during sub-zero high (?) temperatures.

If you measure laziness by the distance people have to walk to get to the store, how lazy are those who legitimately park in those alternative fuel car spots?

I don’t get that particular label at all… Why should alternative fuel cars have special parking spots, closer to the store, while those other cars with higher emissions burn more fuel driving around longer trying to find any of those unlabeled spots that are left? Does that make sense?

You could really get stressed out if you were a parent, a grand parent, a senior and drive an alternative fuel car. You would have to decide which one of those special parking spots you should take. So many choices! But don’t you dare parking in the spots labeled “Expecting Mothers”. Too bad that even the most special people can only park one car in one spot at a time.

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