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Time is getting closer…

June 16, 2004

…for my trip to Switzerland.

Less than two weeks and I’m on that plane. Last year, when I was constantly in pain, I would have had a panic attack at the thought of this trip. The thought of suffering through airports, waiting, lining up… just the drudgery of dragging a suitcase and being handled like cattle. To think that it was my way of life for eons.

Started out as a Stewardess, ended up as a Flight Attendant, the job title, like everything else had to become politically corrected… That ended 13 years ago. Can you believe it? If I would have stayed in the flying business, I probably would have become screaming mad — as in crazy. For the longest time after I quit, I couldn’t even imagine packing another suitcase for another trip, through another airport, staying in another hotel, being polite to rude people, and the world is full of those.

What I started out to say is, I’m back to normal. The upcoming trip isn’t causing a panic attack, I’m going to say good-bye to my beloved brother. I am actually going to tell him that he IS my beloved brother. Am looking forward to that. The trip to see him one more time is just a minor inconvenience.

Ich sehe Dich bald, mein Bruderherz.

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