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What did we do…

April 25, 2004

…without computers, or the Internet, or email? It’s not been that long and I can’t imagine not doing absolutely everything on my computer.

I just finished putting together the paperwork for this year’s Tax Return. Every year I tell myself that I’ll keep up with the records, file it all nicely, so that I just have to take it out of the drawer and give it to the accountant… BUT NOOOOOO! I spend nice, sunny days inside scrambling, gathering the stuff and swearing under my breath all along. It’s done for this year. I’ll keep my promise this year! NOT? We’ll see.

Do you like the blossoms that Sandra sent to me? Back to the fun stuff now. Doing some beta testing for an online friend, brings me right back to my InfoMed days, UI design, tech writing… So, really what I should ask myself is, what would I do without computers? After a bit of analysis, this would be an interesting thing to contemplate… it would also take 10 pages to muse about that one. Not now, I’m hungry. And then I’ll have to start thinking about Sandra’s brochure…

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