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Work, work, work…

October 12, 2006

… and no play!

I’ve been driven lately. I finally updated my business site, completely revamped it, and am really pleased with it. Hopefully it gives some good information to my type of client, who, I finally realized, wants some guidance rather than lofty techno-babble.

Started another blog with some technical talk. Still have to find the general tone. I’ve decided that plenty of people around me work daily, some all day, on a computer but don’t have a clue what they should do if something happens that is outside of their narrow knowledge that gets their work done. Being so steeped in technology, I see every once in a while that the gap is widening between those who know, and those who just know enough to get by. It seems that people trust me enough to ask me questions.

Have a look at the website I revamped for the Y2K Spitfire Project. Geez, I have been a person posessed, just had to get this thing done. Couldn’t get all the picture converted, but hey, all future pages will be spiffy. Interesting bunch of people involved in this project… I hope very much that I’ll see this plane fly… I’ll be with the people on the tarmac, front row!

You have seen my little bird watching movie, haven’t you? It’s from 2002, but it was a thrill nonetheless… I believe that spitfire project bunch (friends in high places) will get me back to that birdwatching perch next March… that’s my reward. 😉

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