April 2007

…Yesterday I became a Bahá’i.

As a Bahá’i I follow a World Religion, a belief that has steadily settled into my soul after working for 6 years on a multimedia project about Bahá’u’lláh’s life. And after a total of nearly 10 years of shorter and longer conversations with Bahá’i friends–who patiently answered my questions and never, never pushed me in any way–I came to the realization that the story of this man and his message are for me an undeniable truth that could not be changed or argued away.

I know that my friends and family who may read this have puzzled expressions on their faces… Don’t worry, I am the same today as I was yesterday. I don’t have to be rescued from any handlers, am not in a cult, or have to be ‘deprogrammed’. It’s really quite simple, I have no doubt that Bahá’u’lláh is who he sais he is, and I’ve finally put my signature where my belief is. Be happy for me.

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