May 2004

A few perfect days…

May 28, 2004

…and now it rains!

When you have a new digital camera, as I do, you take it everywhere… So I finally had the camera with me when I saw the local deer, and, hey, I snapped it when it scratched where it itched. Female, definitely female… 🙂

My friend Sylvie came for a visit and I took a few days off. Saw her the first time after at least 6 years. We had such a great time. Took pictures and videos like crazy. She bought my old digital camera and is pleased as punch. The old camera is an Olympus D 6L zoom and really has a great colour range. It was the best available amongst the first affordable digital cameras about 6 years ago. Now I own a Canon S1 IS, which is a wonder. What a great camera, it’s worth the price for the quality of the video mode alone. Got a lot of help from my online friends with selecting this camera and I thank them! This website was also one that helped a great deal.

Today it’s back to reality and work. Booking a trip to Switzerland to see my brother, much earlier than planned. He’s back in the hospital. Today it rains.

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…and put the old one back in place.

A couple of days ago, when I put a new tape into the old VCR it started to make squeaky noises and turned itself off. I couldn’t eject the tape… I turned it on… squeaky noises… off…. Time to get a new one I thought. What’s the point of having it fixed, or opening it myself, it’s over 14 years old.

Now my big WANT, the new digital camera, has to wait. Off I went to Futureshop, looked at the units, did a bit of searching last night, comparing features and such, went back today and bought a Samsung VCR/DVD combination, went home, installed it… Nothing. Configuration on that machine is entirely done through an on-screen menu, and nothing came on screen. I troubelshot, plugging it in directly to the wall cable, and yes, it got the automatic time setup which the unit takes from a TV station… this one was in the East,it was the wrong time, to change the time I needed that menu on the screen… no menu, no playback, dud.

Frustrated I thought there’s nothing to loose, I’ll open the old VCR and see what’s what… and fixed it… The new tape had a label sheet stuck to it, when I got it out and the tape out, fixed!

So, the new machine goes back, I’ll buy my digicam instead and the old one stays… 🙂 I am happy.

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