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Lost in Kye Bay?

September 17, 2011

It’s a duck. We were not sure. Might have been a goose. A red faced Muskovy duck. First it waddled up to the beautiful lawn of the Gages and had a little snooze right in the middle of it. Then it waddled further down the beach and started preening itself on a driftwood log in front of my place.

Red Faced Muskovy Duck

Not shy, but a stranger here...

Stretching and displaying…

Stretching and fluttering duck

Having a little workout on the log...

No wonder Muskovy is so skinny, all that waddling, stretching, preening and fluttering. Later, after dinner, it had waddled down to my neighbour’s yard, feeding on some yummy flowers! Really?

It’s a mystery. I think Muskovy had taken a little vacation got too adventurous and got marooned on our beach. It seemed to know people and wasn’t afraid of them, not even of dogs. I was curious if it could fly and wanted to let Fritzi loose… Oh well, I guess not.

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