What’s This About?

by Drummer

Pixeldrum is a personal blog. It’s the moments in my life that I think are worth recording because they amuse me, or move me, or inform my friends and family who are loosely following my musings.

Sometimes I rant. I think ranting is way under-rated. I define a rant “the voicing of an opinion that is more direct than the politically correct couched snark.” What deserves a rant? Adobe and Quicken support. The former is impeccably polite and utterly useless, reading from the script that is also on the website, the other is incredibly arrogant and makes you feel that answering a simple question is a bestowal of immense favor.

Often I write about moments in a day that amuse me. I’ve got my own court jester in the house, Fritzi. If laughter is good for you, get a dog. Get a Fritzi type reject mutt from Turtle Gardens Canine Rescue. I’ve had dogs before but none compare to Fritzi. He keeps me laughing, walking and sane.

Oh, there’s more… but enough for now.