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Booms from the base!

May 6, 2011

… and there he goes.
Patient Fritzi waits for me every morning. It doesn’t matter how long I take to get dressed, he just waits. He is always in the same room with me and sometimes noshes on a cookie. That’s how he looks when he is starting to say: ‘Well, are you going to get a move on? I am about ready for my walk!’
Normal Fritzi
Then, again, the third time in a month, a sudden loud explosion from the base rips the silence apart. They are disposing of ordinance apparently, they seem to have a lot of it! Immediately Fritzi dissolves into a shivering, shaking mass. He’ll shake on and off for an hour. When he gets his body under control again, he hides.
Partial dog hanging out
He feels safe under the bed.
Fritzi hiding
I’ll leave him there for a while. He’ll come and join me, because he doesn’t stay in a room by himself for very long if I am at home.

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