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Is it Summer yet?

August 8, 2011

OK, you could say it’s Summer now. We’ve had a few days of brilliant sunshine and sparkly water. I did say ‘days’, didn’t I? I am not complaining, the breeze keeps the air cool enough to sleep well at night, and I’ve not yet worn all the summer Ts I have. The air conditioning in the car has been on twice for a few minutes, otherwise, open windows were cooling enough. What’s so great about this coolish weather and wet start is that Sieffert’s (farm stand close by) veggies and fruits are first class, plump and sweet, even if they are a little late.

Weather in mid-June
Weather in mid-June

Pink star fish, only visible on low tide in summer
The tides are low enough in summer to see these beautiful pink (or purple) star fish.

It’s been busy here in August. The Studio is booked, I’ve  been working steadily on new projects, or on Geeky Bits. This year I have restored 3 computers so far that have been completely trashed by malware infections. I’ve written about this on Geeky Bits. Friends, really, read it and get with it! Restoring computers is not my favourite pass time.

And there is always Fritzi. He doesn’t like the heat, toddles slowly behind me with his pink tongue hanging out when it is too warm. I’ve started carrying water, we now have water rocks on our route, where he drinks, otherwise he gets really parched. Water rocks? Well yes, Fritzi jumps on a big rock and gets his water, I don’t have to bend down… You did know that dogs don’t sweat, right? They have sweat glands in their feet and not elsewhere, they pant to push hot air out. So, if I am happy that the summer is relatively cool, Fritzi is much more so.

Too bright!
Too bright for Fritzi.

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