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Tax season…

April 21, 2011


It’s the same every year. I know it’s coming. I try to organize myself throughout the year to cut down on the prep work. But as soon as I start thinking about working on the inevitable tax paper pile, the incurable, stubborn procrastination virus that lies dormant during the year, flares up with a vengeance. The doctors say it’s an allergy.

So far today I’ve gone for a long walk on the beach with Fritzi; he followed me like a little scared lamb with his tail hanging because he heard the shots fired on the nearby shooting range. Had brunch. Then I did a bit of catching up with my newsgroups, learned that I could fix my sticking N key on my notebook computer myself (probably). Busied myself with organizing my garbage bins and empty cans/bottles. Did a bit of browsing on the web. Read a long newsletter about using an aspect of thesis all the way through. Got some ideas as to what to do next with one of my projects. Sent a short note to Ramona in Korea. Paid a bill for Gerri’s estate, and now I am writing this.

Fritzi has finally relaxed and is sleeping. I keep hearing the accountant who called a couple of days ago “…are you bringing your tax stuff in this year?” The only way to get rid of this tax procrastination virus is getting to the tax pile and organize it…


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