December 2004

Am so impressed…

December 20, 2004

…by my family!

Am back in Switzerland in the midst of my family. In that bedroom I missed so much and mentioned in a previous post. My brother passed away last Sunday (Dec. 12). My family invited me to come and be part of the ritual which sends him on his way. The memorial service will be next Tuesday and in the meantime the family gets together, reads the stacks of cards, cooks, eats, remembers the man my brother was. As sad as the occasion is, it’s an intense and also wonderful family time.

As my brother was in public life, there are some who want to make his memorial a podium for their speeches, something that is categorically being vetoed by the family. In his death my brother is a husband, father and brother, no longer a political being.

I am so glad to be here, to be part of this, it is easier to bear when you have bodies around you for support. The phone or email just don’t do it.

Today is family Christmas, early, in case my brother was still around. He isn’t in body, but we all know that he is in spirit.

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