February 2005

Cell Phone and Web Cam…

February 17, 2005

…make a connection!

I had two stellar days. Three actually. It started with the Fasnacht. I had the door closed and was listening to it all day, flipped back and forth to the different cameras. It was great and sad, because this event makes me homesick, and my brother is gone. He used to love it.

Yesterday, while on an errand I backed out of a parking spot into a truck. My fault. The usual, the truck came out of nowhere. The old fellow who drove the thing didn’t seem to mind and didn’t want my info. I asked at least 5 times. There was definitely a dent in the side of his truck. His son would ‘suck’ it out… old truck… had other dents… Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Whoever you are.

Today while working and having the web cams going, my godson phoned. He was in the midst of Fasnacht, at one of the spots where I could direct him to a position where I could actually see him and Sandra waving at the camera. There’s 9 hrs difference, they are half a world away. It was sooooo coooool! I was yelling into the phone, because the noise of drums, fiffers and musik was incredibly loud. Check out the pictures.

I just checked the live cams again and they are now silent. It’s 05:00 hrs in Basel. I’ll try for a trip during Fasnacht next year. (Das foto ist von hier.)

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FASNACHT – today a 4 am…

February 15, 2005

… Carneval in Basel started

I am watching it live from my work desk in Canada. This year there are several live cameras available at key locations in the city. Even if you didn’t grow up in Basel, this is worth a look. It’s on 24 hours a day for three marvellous days! Click here to see. This link will probably not be working after February 16, but this one will.

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