April 2005

… a second family.

It’s been well over a year since I saw my Canadian family on Allan’s side.

Pia invited everyone to her house for a late Easter Dinner and here we were, the first time together again, for once for a happy occasion and not a memorial. It was wonderful, not only was the food devine, just seeing the kids having an easter egg hunt and catching up with lives was great.

Everyone has such busy lives, and I am so rarely in Vancouver now, that this day will have to last for a long time. But every time we do connect, we are reconfirming our bond as a family. I took pictures and movies and so did everyone else. I’ll slip some of them into the Family photo book project I am working on. It’s time that my Swiss family met some of their Canadian counterparts, if only in pictures.

Aaaaaaaaaahhh, a few days vacation is so good for the soul.

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