December 2006

It’s been a wild ride…

December 17, 2006

… but we’ve got sewer and city water!

Usuallly I love winter. Winter beach, few people, lots of birds, no pressure to be out-doorsy in the never-ending, drying, hot sun. I like puttering inside, working or playing on my computer, taking art shots with my camera, reading, sitting in front of the fire, hanging out.

The last two/three weeks were different! The never-ending sun finally packed it in. We had very low temparatures, a big dump of snow, that made icey, risky roads, followed by three hurricane strength wind storms in 5 days, now low temparatures again and a snow storm. The College was closed for 3.5 days in total. The last wind storm passed us by here, but wreaked havoc in Victoria and Vancouver, a lot of damage, trees falling on houses like match sticks, some very large… When I look at my trees I get a little squeazy, one of those babies would cut my house in half.

Together with these weather bombs, there were power outages. We had several. Regularly, and long enough to spoil the food in the freezer (over 24 hrs). Am well equipped though. A couple of ragular torches, one Coleman lead lights latern on batteries, one tripod/torch with tiltable head, also lead lights. Those are the ones I use most often. I use IKEA white candles, they last a very long time, very slow burning, they don’t drip. Gotta get some more.

The piece de resistance is my gas ring in a carry case. Made in Korea, it’s a full-sized gas ring that is fuelled with butane canisters the size of a spray can. You can cook with it, or make hot beverages. You can get one for around $20 at Canadian Tire, it’s worth it! So, with a fire place, a wood stove, a gas ring, plenty of lights and candles, a few good books, and a double quilt on my bed, any power outage is no hardship.

It would have been different and horrible 4 years ago when we still relied on wells, electric water pumps and septic tank… The money we paid to get city sewage and waters service installed is now paying off in spades! I wonder if those nay-sayers, who faught tooth and nail against this installation, still want their wells and septic back, as they showered, brushed their teeth, washed their dishes and flushed their toilets while the lights were out?

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