March 2007

But it still works!

March 27, 2007

… But it’s soooo old!

I’ve got this tiny black and white TV (8 inch screen)/Radio, it has a removable base that holds 8 large batteries. It doesn’t have the capacity for many channels, has a little transformer to attach it to cable, has an antenna to work without cable. In TV years it’s an antique, at least 20 years old, but… it still works! It’s been standing around in various places in my office, taking up space. I’ve put it into a box marked for the dump a dozen times, have even offered it to a neighbour’s boy, but I guess they don’t tinker anymore with stuff, take it apart… you know. He has a colour TV in his room. Sorry, shouldn’t have asked.

Then, there is the Panasonic Fax/Phone/Answering machine. Highly programmable. Had one of the best user manuals I’ve ever seen, also phone support at a time when that was not yet so in demand. That thing, being a heat fax, is also ancient and I can’t read the faxes I receive anymore, but… the rest works fine. I can send faxes, use it as a phone, use it as an answering machine. It is in a box marked for the dump… yet…

That brings me to the Toshiba 300CT notebook computer with docking station and portable ports extension bar, external floppy disk, with two USB ports. About 12 years ago someone bought the top of the line, latest, greatest, with all equipment and accessories that were available, must have cost $4000. This notebook computer is also venerably old. Bought it used, the screen rocks, very clear, famous (then) Toshiba quality. (Wouldn’t buy a Toshiba today, the quality sucks). It also works. Runs Win 98. But I don’t think the grand total of 32 MB of RAM allows me to connect to my router, actually it blue-screens as soon as I try using the network. But it works… yet…

So, OK, I’ve put them in all the box, marked for the dump… Ebay perhaps? No, not worth the hassle… The dump it is… soon.

To put this into perspective, I’ve written this post on my new VAIO SZ320, a long way better than the old Toshiba. If I use it and take care of it like I did with the stuff I’ve marked for the dump… gosh, it’ll last forever and then, in 20 years I’ll have to make that decision all over again. 🙂

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March 5, 2007


Am having my feet up watching a movie on TV, I don’t know what it is, so I’ll look it up online… without getting up. Varian’s War is the movie, Sony VAIO SZ series is the vehicle. OK, next time I’ll spend the money on a ticket to Switzerland… and I’ll bring my VAIO with me. What a sweet little computer! 😉

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