June 2007

You’ve got to read…

June 22, 2007

… this book!

Prisoner of Tehran, by Marina Nemet. I’ve tried several times to put it in a couple of simple sentences how much I admire this author and the way she tells her story. I can’t. This is the story of a young girl whose grandmother instilled in her a strength and dignity that probably saved her life, at the very least her sanity. The life-changing events she had to experience are so horrific, it would have been understandable if there were rage showing through in the narration, but there isn’t. This is a book you’ve got to read for yourself, no review can do it justice.

After you’ve read this book, I believe, you’ll never read news accounts of events in Iran the same way again.

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June 11, 2007

… of the beach.
It’s cool and wet… The birds take back the beach!
2 Eagle sentries
Do you see the second eagle?

Eagle sentry

Blue Heron sentries

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