September 2007

… and I’ve seen a lot!

ROME is the best series I’ve ever seen. There were others much earlier, such as Roots, Holocaust… but Rome equals or beats them. When you see this kind of work you can’t fathom ever wanting to watch an episode of Survivor, or, heaven forbid, Extreme Makeover, not that I do.

The characters draw you into their lives, the stories are woven into this beautiful tapestry. You can’t look a way for a moment, you’d might miss a thread. The scenes are of the time of Cesar, as are the social mores. When you are watching ROME you are there.

HBO has canceled it already. Too expensive they say. I’d rather they’d put their money into one good show than spreading it into a lot of really bad ones. Unfortunately that’s what we have, a lot of bad, boring, stupid TV.

So, go rent Seasons I and II, you’ll enjoy 20 hours of fabulous TV.

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