October 2007

It this age discrimination?

October 7, 2007

… if you twist facts enough, it could be.

I’ve owned Toyota 4Runners during the last 15 years. My 4Runner was 12 years old and I’ve been thinking of getting a new car for months. Today I did. Everyone I know told me that I should drive the thing into the ground. The mileage was very low, only 139,000 and that I could continue owning the 4Runner for another 10 years, no problems.

Subaru Subaru

Subaru Subaru

That’s where the age discrimination comes in. I traded my perfectly good, but old 4Runner today for a younger model, not new, just younger Subaru Forester (2003) Strange how that works. I looked at all sorts of cars, Hunday, Jeep, Kia, and more, all online, all to replace what I already had, and absolutely wanted. 4WD, good road clearance, goes through anything, gets through snow, ice, slush, mud and sits relatively high, reliable… Everything I already had in the Toyota. Yesterday I went to check on a Nissan X-Trail, somebody told me about it.

Why did I come back with a Subaru? I drove two X-Trails, also used, 2005, very nice, 4-cylinder, peppy, high, 2 or 4WD, price sort of right. Drove the Subaru twice too. Once with the Sales guy, once alone. I bought the Subaru because it felt like an old shoe. Very comfortable, stuck to the road, solid, great seats, the pedals just the right tension, reputation, it’ll last.

As already mentioned in another post. Secretly I still want a Baby Hummer, yellow. OK, so I’ll buy a poster.

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