December 2007


December 31, 2007

… that set my teeth on edge!

  • “Issues” – a word widely used by Psycho Babblers. Today, everyone has ‘issues’, not problems. Some also use “challenge”, it’s also used by Psycho Babblers. What’s the problem with the word “problem”? Problem goes to the heart of the matter. I like precision. Search these words on Look at the synonyms… I rest my case.
  • “Unleash” – a word widely used by Marketing Babblers. “Unleash your creativity/potential/power!”… I’ve see this five times today, always attached to a product you should buy to do the unlashing. When does the unleashing occur? After you paid for the product, installed the product, learned how to use the product? Does it take hours, days or years to get to the unleashing? What if your creativity/potential/power never was on a leash and took off on its own, do you get a refund?
  • “f*&^k” – a word widely used by Illiterate Babblers. It must be illiterate babblers who use this word and a few choice similar ones in every sentense. Perhaps they could benefit of a few minutes on to learn the meaning of this word and in the process learn a few new words. But, of course, they would have to be able to read.
  • “Penis” – a word widely used and frequently misspelled on purpose by Spammer Babblers. It’s not the word that bugs me here it’s the 50 or so spam messages I get per day that flog miracle products that enhance its physical attributes. Hey, spammers, I don’t have one of those. And I was not aware that the male gender had such embarrassing ‘challenges’ these days. In my day this wasn’t an ‘issue’.

    Good bye 2007 – Hello 2008! Best wishes to all!

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… has one!

Ken Follet has done it again. The biggest marvellous surprise a few years ago was his gripping, absorbing book set in the 12th century, “Pillars of the Earth“. A total departure from his other genre, high adventure, suspenseful stories, none of which can easily be put down when you start reading them.

I am reading “World Without End” and am at page 761. Already I regret that this book only has 1014 pages! It is by far one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. It might replace James Clavell’s Shogun as my all-time favourite, or at least dwell beside it, sharing that spot.

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