March 2008

Nuns Don’t Cry…

March 15, 2008

… a worthwhile read!

I’ve met the author first. Only a month ago. Gerrie Graber is a fascinating woman. A rare sort, she instantly mesmerized me with her personality, intelligence, focus and exhuberance. I’ve met perhaps 4 or 5 woman in my life who have this ‘je ne sait quois’ that draws people to them like moths. Gerrie is one of them. We hit it off right away and when I asked that inevitable question: Why did you leave the convent? she pulled out her book and loaned to me.

Read it, it’s worth it. Of course I’ll buy my own copy and have Gerrie sign it for me. Read an excerpt.

If you are my age you may remember “The Nun’s Story“. Either the book, the movie or both. It is one of my favourite stories. It made a huge impression on me. It made me question the validity of a faith that asks such sacrifice from people to prove their faith, all of it judged and interpreted by humans… Where was God in this? Strange how life is. The former nun as well as I, in vastly different ways, have found a faith that doesn’t have the many levels of interpreters who stand in the way of truth and light.

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