July 2008

Snack Attack…

July 21, 2008

… in my front yard!

“Don’t look at me like that… you have a different diet, leave me to mine.”

“If I stay really still, perhaps she won’t see me…”

“Anyway, you are doing your thing, and I am doing mine. Live and let live, you know?”

“We are really doing a service here, keep the bushes trimmed.”

“Hey bud, I am leaving… Catch up with me later?”

Those bushes must be health food for those critters, they look sleek and toned, don’t you think? They are also fearless. I was going back and forth, cleaning the BBQ, slamming the door, moving around and didn’t notice them sneak into the yard to get their preferred snack. A friend who dropped by in his car didn’t phase them either.

But hey, Charlotte, it’s not the guy who pruned the bushes who did it wrong. It’s the deer that sculpt them to their weird shape. Oh, well, nice sunny summer day–live and let live…

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