December 2008

you won’t slip on ice!

It’s freezing here. Way below 0. The carport has drifting snow and ice underneath it. A couple of days ago I slipped and fell, like a cartoon, in a split second I was on my bum. I was lucky, I didn’t hit my head, but I strained my neck muscles. Didn’t notice that until I lay in bed and wanted to sit up, my head was too heavy, I had to help it up with my hands. Weird.

Lesson 1): If ou are building a house with a carport, don’t have polished concrete, it’s slippery under nearly all conditions, unless it’s dry, and that is unlikely 80% of the time when you live here.

Another bad storm is predicted. Snow, freezing rain, freezing temparatures. Yay, perhaps a snow day on Monday 🙂 – but also more snow/ice in the carport. I had to get to the wood pile and stack some wood closer to the door. A storm is predicted, be ready for power outages.

Sandra, you gave me some hand-knitted socks a few years ago for Christmas, remember. Such a thoughful gift, and they are HUGE. Turns out, they fit perfectly over the boots. I heard this advice a very long time ago – put socks over your boots and you won’t slip. Today I finally put it to the test. IT WORKS!

I could get two cart loads of wood to the door, get the snow shovel out of the shed, defrost the outside faussets and insulate them. I did everything slowly, but I didn’t slip on the ice. Now, if those socks were made of wool, they would work even better, wool fibers stick better. But who ‘s complaining…

Why, you ask, are you not using salt on the ice? Can’t, first the salt is frozen into a huge clump, and second, salt eats into the concrete and starts breaking it down… Using socks is cheaper in the long run.

Lesson 2): Buy the biggest, roughest wool socks you can find and keep them handy in winter. They may work for short distances when worn over street shoes too.

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