May 2009

We are expecting…

May 15, 2009

… Gabriel!


The ‘we’ is my friend Marilyn and I. Gabriel is a rescued dog currently residing at the Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue in BC. Interesting Blog that. Yvette writes about her dogs, some of the harrowing experiences some had to go through before they were rescued, their life now. I don’t know Yvette, but her writing shows that she really knows dogs and that her organization has met a need and is truly a labour of love.

I’ve been looking for a dog to keep me company for a while now. Spent hours online. I wanted a small dog that needed a good home, one without too much ‘baggage’, didn’t want a pure bred puppy. There are a few adoption places I contacted and even looked at a dog here in the Comox Valley, but nothing ‘spoke’ to me. A little dog at Victoria Adoptables may have been the one for me, but the vibe I’ve gotten from the communication with that rescue, didn’t feel right. Mind you, they are only one year old.

Then I started asking around locally. At WAGZ, a natural food store for pets in Courtenay BC, a lady wrote down a list of rescue shelters and on top was Turtle Gardens. There I found Gabriel. I called the shelter and talked to Yvette. She took the time to explain where the dogs come from, how they run their shelter and the adoption process, told me some details about Gabriel, and it all fell into place for me. Yvette and her family have done this rescue thing for over 20 years! They should know a thing or two about finding the right people for their dogs.

Gabriel Gabriel

My application to adopt Gabriel is still pending. My home has not yet been inspected, but with a bit of time I hope to be the proud owner of a little white dog.

Gabriel… Gabe… Babe… Fritzi…
Don’t know if Gabriel is going to stick.

What do you think?

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