September 2009


September 20, 2009

… bath day for Fritzi.

Clean Fritzi
Behold a squeaky-clean, face all washed, wet Fritzi. Being a typical boy-dog, he gets into dirt, sand, mud, digging, chasing birds, catching bugs and slimy things. He was so dirty, into the deep laundry sink he went. I think he is embarrassed, because he actually likes a bath, especially getting wrapped into a couple of big towels and being rubbed dry. Now he is white and fluffy–and he smells good. The bath water was black!
Did I tell you that Fritzi is a working dog? He is working on taking the pounds off me by demanding long walks every day. He is doing a great job!
Please help Turtle Gardens win the Shelter Challenge that started again a few days ago. They can win a much needed money prize. They are second in Canada already. If you have several browsers, vote from each. Every day. It’s a few minutes of your time that can make a huge difference for the organization that does so much for dogs in need of rescue.
Fritzi is from there. From the time he was rescued by Turtle Gardens as a 4 months old puppy, until he arrived here, he benefitted from their hospitality for well over 6 weeks. I am sure that the time spent in Yvette’s care made him a better dog. Just read Yvette’s blog–she is one woman who knows everything there is to know about dogs!

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