October 2009

Fritzi belly-surfs…

October 26, 2009

… the steep sand bank.

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New Parents…

October 24, 2009

… to Emily!


Emily, Tobias and Sandra

As long as the puppy is still at the breeder, go home and sleep, sleep, sleep! Emily will keep you hopping when she moves in. Look at the breeder’s photo blog with commentary, excellent and funny! (Sorry in German only)
Fritzi says hello from Canada. He is now sleeping in his Kuranda bed, nicely away from the cold floor, he also stopped barking at the neighbour’s scary Halloween masks that decorate each fence post. Fritzi is also getting stronger. The little pile of sticks on the wood pile by the front door is growing and the latest prize is longer than Fritzi is… if he keeps bringing sticks home, I won’t have to cut kindling for the fireplace.

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