February 2011

Weirdness… My brown thumb…

February 17, 2011

… suddenly turns green!
My sink is growing
My sink is sprouting. I’ve watched this sprout hang on and grow, while using the bathroom sink as usual. The thing keeps growing despite hot water, tooth paste, mouth wash and soap swirling around it. Seems that the seeds that are on my bagels are not genetically modified, they procreate.

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… raining buckets.

Wet Fritzi here. Geez, the walk this morning was a production. The first indication as to the deluge outside was when mom put on her yellow coat. She only does that when the ducks are walking. The second indication was when she put my raincoat on me. Really, how undignified! I am a boy dog and don’t wear rain coats! So out we went. I dug in my paws, didn’t want to go. Mom dragged me… DRAGGED ME along! It was either choke or walk. It went 10 steps, 1 shake, all the way. Just to get her off my back, I did my duties and then we could turn around. 10 steps, 1 shake…

When we got back I got the big fluffy towel treatment. I looked miserable as long as I could because I really love being toweled dry, and as long as I look miserable, the toweling continues.  For my (not so) subtly expressed misery and the wet walk I got a chewy. That all folks, leave me alone now… I am busy!

I am busy
I mean it! I am busy!
I mean it, I am busy

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