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November 22, 2010

… Fritzi

Geez, it’s simply not dignified to run around, well, not running, really, more like bumping around with this lampshade on my head. I don’t know what happened. One moment I act up a little bit, knowing quite well that when I yelp a little and walk on three legs for a bit, my mommy gets all concerned and mushy and gives me pets and treats. Is it my fault that I also threw up that treat a little later? I swear, it just came up, I felt fine, really. Next thing I know I am screaming when the vet tries to stick a thermometer into my tush… HOW EMBARRASSING!

A few days later I wake up with bandages on my feet. Ridiculous! I left those alone for a few days, but then they were taken off and I suddenly had tunnel-vision… a cone on my head. I used all my smarts to get my tongue reaching those incisions. Yes, incisions! With four stitches each! I found out later that I had an X-ray and mommy had my two remaining dew claws removed while I was ‘under’. Well, being smart didn’t work, my feet were bandaged again and I couldn’t get at anything.
Cone-head Fritzi... undignified!
Cone-head Fritzi... undignified!
For the next 3 weeks, every single outing turned into a production. Off came the lamp shade, on came two plastic booties, (so that the bandages stayed dry…); when we got back, off came the booties and on came the lamp shade. I trained my mommy to give me only the best treats (sausage!!) so that I let all this happen to me without much protest. I must say, the booties had style and they worked. Perhaps the design should be patented?
Stylish plastic booties
Oh, what did the x-ray show? Nothing! I am healthy. I told you, there is nothing wrong with me! I just know how to play my mommy, but I think I’ll wait a little bit until I try the three-legged “ouie” trick again!